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Tahoe Fescue Pro

Recommended Use:Moderate to Heavy Traffic
Main Application:Landscape
Colors:Field Green/OliveGreen

TigerTurf Tahoe Fescue Pro is designed to authentically replicate natural grass. It weighs approximately 68 ounces, and 1.875” pile height makes Tahoe Fescue Pro an ideal choice for any low to moderate traffic landscape areas.

Tahoe Fescue Pro features dual blade colors consisting of field and olive green. It’s uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability. Tahoe Fescue Pro is also non-toxic and lead free, UV stabilized, and non-flammable.

Tuft bind technology has been integrated into all of our products. Each and every grass blade is triple reinforced into the backing, making the turf an exceptionally strong resistance to pull force. Not only is synthetic grass its low-maintenance, but it will also enhance your outdoor experience! Unlike natural grass, turf is great for relieving your yard of pollen and other allergens, and since there’s no dirt, there will be no mud from rain or pool water.

TigerTurf Tahoe Fescue Pro is backed by our limited 15-year warranty. We guarantee your synthetic grass lawn will last you for years to come!